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As a widely recognised implementation and consulting partner with over 26 years in business,

ACTUM Digital empowers organisations to outperform the competition with their digital platforms. Whether it's a corporate website, ecommerce platform, online service portal, or CRM, PIM, DAM, and ERP, ACTUM ensures that businesses have the right tools to drive digital transformation.  


Our comprehensive range of services includes website development, ecommerce, product data management, customer engagement, process automation, CRM, enterprise search, cloud applications, SAP ERP, content operations, experience design, supply chain management, system integration, and team outsourcing.  


We have a strong record of success with 100+ satisfied B2B, B2C, and B2B2C clients such as Christie's, METRO AG, Uponor, CONRAD Electronic, Schott, LaLorraine, Allianz GI, Societe Generale and more. The received quality awards and certifications further validate our expertise and commitment to excellence.  


ACTUM is a certified implementation partner with Kentico, Sitecore, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP,, Inriver, BigCommerce, Bloomreach, AWS, Phrase, and Keboola.  

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