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Interviews with the world's most recognised banking experts on hottest topics

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Financial Fraud: How to Protect your Bank?

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Financial Fraud: How to Protect Your Bank?World Banking Forum
00:00 / 23:42
  • Prevention. Understanding your vulnerabilities as a first step of successful Risk Management

  • Detection. Optimising the use of technology

  • Response to cyberattacks & communicating it with clients

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Payments: Navigating Another Year Of Digital Acceleration

Navigating Another Year of Digital AccelerationWorld Banking Forum
00:00 / 27:46

Threats of the overglobalised world, Digital Currencies, Stablecoins and DLT in banking, what’s next in digitalisation and new trends in Payments to expect within the next few years, will Traditional Banking and Decentralised Finance merge? Incumbents and Challengers perspectives, digital payments on cash-heavy markets, tokenisation of everything, the Dangerous Fashion and good things that are coming from the

COVID-19 outbreak 

Reimagining Customer Experience in the New World

New Podcast - World Banking Forum.png
Reimagining Customer Experience World Banking Forum
00:00 / 28:30

The needs and "wants" of the modern customer, how do we bridge the gap between IT and business, current trend towards personalisation, simplification and integration, the Super Apps concept, The Love Brand, AI in UX and new battlefield banks are competing on.

Digital Money, Crypto, Regulation & CBDC

Podcasts (2).png
Digital Money, Crypto, Regulation & CBDCWorld Banking Forum
00:00 / 41:18
  • Digital Currencies & the Future of Money

  • Comparing different conceptions of digital money

  • Impacts of CBDCs on commercial banks, regulators and customers

  • What is the realistic future course of digital money?

Key Trends to observe in Banking in 2023

World Banking Forum (41).png
Trends in Banking in 2023World Banking Forum
00:00 / 30:03

Upcoming EU Regulatory Initiatives & priorities, current Macro & Political Context, Emerging Risks, increasing trend of Agility and Innovation Culture, today's and future challenges that banks are and will continue facing.

The discussion was also backed with a live poll where 135 banking experts from around the globe were voting in real time for what they think will be among the leading trends in Banking in 2023.

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