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World Banking Forum 

Summer Edition 2023
21-22 September | Thessaloniki, Greece

Presentation Slides

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Banking Around the World Today

  • Current Industry State & Global Markets Overview

  • European Banking scene in light of the current geo-political crisis

  • Challenges that banks in the world will be facing within the period of next 5 years

Dimitris Malliaropulos
Chief Economist
Director of Economic Analysis and Research

Bank of Greece

This keynote speech is accessible at the website of the Bank of Greece

Lending as a Service & Embedded Finance disrupt the world of finance

  • How "Lending as a Service" helps banks digitize and improve SMB/SME financing

  • Hottest trends and the future of Embedded Finance

  • How AI and alternative data sources enhance creditworthiness

Jan Lastuvka

CEO & Founder


  • Effects of the rising interest rates

  • Lending customers behaviour trends and expectations

Ivan Ivanov
Director Retail Banking

Bulgarian American Credit Bank

Clouds on the Lending Horizon - Should We Expect a Storm?

Fundamental Levers to Increase Revenue and Reduce Cost in Cards & Payments

  • Maximize synergies across cards and account payments

  • Boost sales through embedded finance partnerships, incl. offline world

  • Managed, de-risked, step-by-step transformation & modernization

Domagoj Mandaric

Chief Commercial Officer

Vestigo Cards & Payments

Continuing Payments in Crisis Scenarios

  • Downtime of payments and access to cash vs customers’ expectations of having 24/7/365 online availability as the new norm

  • Traditional risk management may still challenge the need for backup solutions – the paradigm after 24 Feb 2022

  • The example of offline card payments for critical purchases – breaking the myth of uncontrolled credit risk

Rainer Olt

Head of Payment & Settlement Systems Department

Eesti Pank | Bank of Estonia

Strengthening Customer Lifetime Value in Wealth Management

  • Importance of customer lifecycle

  • Elements of customer lifetime value

  • Ideas to strengthen customer lifetime value

Sławomir Wójcik

Senior consultant


Adaptability and Flexibility of Risk Management Units to Address Effectively

New Emerging Risks

Sotirios Papakonstantinou

Head of Risk Management
Optima bank

Cyber Security Risks and Resilience

Belma Ohranovic

Chief Security Officer

Raiffeisen Bank dd BIH

Unleashing the Power of Innovation:
Leading the Future of Corporate Banking

Join us on a transformative journey as we unravel the secrets of successful innovation leadership in the corporate banking sector. Learn how strong servant leadership, empowering tools, and the right business model can drive a culture of innovation throughout the organization.

Ivan Sakotic

Expert Group Corporate Digitization & Transformation

Raiffeisen Bank International

PSD3/R and FIDA: driving further development in European

open banking

Michal Vodrážka

Director, Financial Market Regulation Division III

Czech National Bank

More presentations will be added within the next days. Check back again later

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