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World Banking Forum 

Spring Edition 2024

16-17 May | Lisbon, Portugal


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Key Trends, Challenges and Opportunities Influencing the Portuguese Banking Sector

  • Resilience following the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine

  • New risks/new opportunities: climate change, digitalization/cyber risk

  • Challenges going forward

Ana Cristina Leal

Advisor to the Board

Central Bank of Portugal

What is Truly the Digital Transformation We Should Push for?

Sam Everington
CEO, Engine

Starling Bank

Podcasts (3).png
The Future of Banking: Trends, Technologies, and Strategies of Tomorrow
00:00 / 21:41

Navigating the Future: Model Risk Management in Banking

  • Responding to increased regulation from MARisk and upcoming EU AI Act ratification

  • How banks can strategically position themselves in resourcing model deployment?

  • Leveraging LLMs (Large Language Models) effectively across the banking space

  • Proactive strategies to navigate the evolving landscape and maintain compliance while fostering innovation

Ratul Ahmed
Divisional Board Member - Group Validation

Commerzbank AG

Banking Transformation on the Horizon

How banks can deal with digital disruption & transformation as emerging technologies change the pace of innovation – a look at different strategies for banks to innovate under uncertainty

Veronica Lange
Banking Expert | Former Head of Innovation at

Banking Reimagined. Navigating the Fintech Revolution

-  The world is changing and we need to keep pace
-  Challenges to Innovation in Banking
-  What does it really take to succeed?
-  Future Trends and Predictions

Maria Leontiou

Head of Eurobank Next - Digital Growth & Future Competitiveness


The Payments Revolution: Adapting to New Realities

Michal Vodrážka
Director, Financial Market Regulation Division III

Czech National Bank

Digital Transformation Growth Story in MENA

  • Types of digital transformation

  • Transforming the Middle East through innovation & growth

  • How Is Digital Transformation Changing the region?

  • Bridging connections for digital transformation

  • Digital transformation investment in Middle East

  • Middle East leads the way in in digital transformation maturity

  • Digital Transformation Challenges in the Middle East

Essam Fawzy
Vice President - Program Delivery

RAK Bank

Quest for Agility in Financial World – Everyone Follows the Same Footsteps, but is the Destination the Same?

Davor Gašparac
Senior Program Manager Corporates & Markets

Erste Digital

The ESG Revolution

- The road to net zero
- The evolving EU regulatory landscape

- Addressing challenges and opportunities related to ESG adoption by the banking sector

João Tomaz
Head of Prudential, Financial Markets and Sustainability

Portuguese Banking Association

Scaling AI for Enhanced Customer Experience and Streamlined Operations

  • How AI is reshaping novobanco by enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

  • How to implement AI-driven solutions at scale

  • Unlock the potential of AI to deliver personalized banking experiences and streamline operations for improved financial services delivery

Bruno Tinoco
Head of Data Science & AI


Strategic Risk Management in the Era of Global Uncertainty

  • Current global economic and geopolitical landscape: a view through risk management prism

  • Strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating strategic risks, including challenges associated with cross-border operations and international market dynamics

  • Insights into building a resilient risk management framework that enables banks to adapt to evolving risks and uncertainties on a global scale

Dr. Bjorn Lenzmann
Chief Risk Officer | Member of the Board of Directors


Komercni Bank’s Unique Way to Transform, Simplify and Digitalize the Bank

​​KB has built in the last 3 years a completely new bank, both business-wise and technologically. The bank is massively simplified, fully digitalized and filled with modern technologies. The way to transform the bank is unique, but provides a lot of opportunities to learn for every company

Margus Simson
Chief Digital Officer | Member of the Board

Komerční banka

Cybersecurity and Digital Risk: Safeguarding the Future of Banking

  • The escalating threats in the digital era. Exploring unique challenges posed by digital transformation, including the risks associated with online transactions, and the use of emerging technologies

  • Developing robust cybersecurity measures, fostering a cyber-resilient culture, and ensuring the integrity of digital assets in an international banking context

João Ricardo Serra
Senior Consultant GRC + CyberSecurity & NIS-2 / DORA Evangelist


Digital Business Transformation - From Evolution to Revolution

Tomás Velez Grilo
Head of Digital

Caixa Geral de Depósitos 

Pedro Gaspar
Account Manager Digital Finance Solutions

Critical Software

Panel Discussions

Spring Edition 2024

16-17 May | Lisbon, Portugal

More presentations will be added within the next days. Check back again later

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