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World Banking Forum 

Winter Edition 2023

Presentation Slides

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SCT Inst is five years old - what is next?

  • Achievements to date

  • Potential impact of regulatory intervention

  • Interactions with other developments

  • Opportunities and challenges

Etienne Goosse

Director General

European Payments Council

Mastercard view on Digital Asset Landscape and Strategy

  • Current Payments and Digital Assets Landscape we navigate in

  • Mastercard view on the crypto industry

  • How we facilitate access / interaction between fiat and crypto in a safe and secure manner and make it accessible to consumers

Christian Rau

Senior Vice President
Crypto and Fintech Enablement


  • What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and how has it evolved?

  • What are DeFi products in banking and who is offering them?

  • How are traditional banks experimenting with DeFi?

  • What will the future bring in terms of DeFi/CeFi (Centralized Finance)?

Vid Hribar

Blockchain Hub

Raiffeisen Bank International

How is DeFi Shaping the Banking Industry?

Blockchain Security - New And Old Attacks

  • Fraud in the Blockchain World

  • How blockchain could revolutionise Cybersecurity?

  • But can it be the one-answer-for-all?

Luka Milinković

IT Security | Risk | Governance | Processes | Compliance | Blockchain

Independent Industry Expert

Radically Modern Approach to Transform the Bank - New Digital Bank

  • Komercni Banka is in the middle of the transformation journey that is too bold for regular consultancy to recommend. We kill our retail product portfolio by 99%, replace the core system, channels, card platform and digital sales tools and migrate all of our customers to new platform in 5 years.

Margus Simson

Chief Digital Officer Member of the Board

Komerční banka

From Competition To Collaboration: Strategic Partnerships & Fintech Ecosystem

Mantvydas Štareika

SME Lending CEO

Multitude Group

Digitalization, Monetizing Open Banking and BaaS: Myths and Reality

  • BaaS and Platform business model – what is the difference?

  • Digitalization and Agile – how they fit together?

  • Can Banks really earn on digitalization and BaaS, or it is just a necessity?

Davor Gašparac

Senior Program Manager

Corporates & Markets

Erste Digital

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