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Vestigo Cards & Payments is a founder-owned paytech, dedicated to serving financial institutions in the evolving cards and account payment space. With an experienced team of more than 150 skilled professionals, our company takes pride in offering cutting-edge solutions that drive business performance, transformation & modernization, growth through embedded finance and payments convergence for our clients across Europe.

Our modern, modular solution spanning card and account payments is API-based and cloud-native. Thanks to our uniquely powerful development framework which fully separates business logic from the technology employed, the solution is fully platform agnostic – meaning it works on distributed systems, mainframes or hybrid combinations of the two. This makes Vestigo the ideal partner for flexible, de-risked payments modernizations.


Key modules of the solution:


Vestigo Issuing

Proven, modern card management system supporting all types of cards – credit, debit, prepaid, commercial. Powerful hierarchies supporting multinational banks, partnership models or third-party processors. Meeting flexible customer needs, e.g. multiple cards on single account and joint billing. Highly configurable end easy to integrate with other systems thereby enabling innovation and best-of-breed customer journey.


Vestigo Holistic Pay

Orchestration and API integration layer across all types of card and account payments. Ideal for fast-to-market payments modernization towards truly open, real-time platform, while keeping existing legacy systems in place. Built-in rich key convergence functionality (flexible fee calculation, consolidated multi-level limit set-ups, consolidated transaction data). Allows for easy integration into third-party systems, such as your business partners, fraud engine or loyalty system.


Vestigo Embedded Finance Partnerships

Proven functionality with partner management, e.g. revenue-sharing partners, fintech partners, co-brand cards, acquiring distribution partners, multiple partners on the same BIN, integrating to multiple partner portals, managing sales commissions, etc.


Vestigo Payments Hub

Integrated, full life-cycle payments hub covering instant payments, low-value, high-value and cross-border payments, for retail and corporate customers, routing to various clearing systems. Enables payment processing efficiency through high-rates of fully automated straight-through processing and discontinuation of heterogenous legacy payment systems.


Vestigo Acquiring

Powerful acquiring back-end system meeting the needs of your merchants (flexible currency, pricing and funding options across complex hierarchies), as well as powering your business performance by driving up revenue (distribution partnerships, international expansion, product and process partnerships through APIs), and managing cost (interchange optimization, automated disputes).


Vestigo Consumer Finance

We support feature-rich credit cards, installment cards and cash loans with strong API capabilities enabling numerous use cases for advanced lending proposition prior to the purchase, during purchase or after purchase.


Vestigo Payment Account Management

Account management support for any type of payment origination account, e.g. retail current accounts and corporate transactional accounts, single-currency or multi-currency accounts, definition of a special purpose of account like giro accounts, savings a’ vista accounts. Auxiliary services / contracts supported include account overdrafts, dynamic overdrafts, “implicit” overdrafts, standing orders, cheques issuance, etc.


Vestigo Loyalty

Ability to act as a “master, customer-centric loyalty account” across a number of different programs. Single account can participate in multiple programs, transactions can be split or “double counted” among different loyalty programs, central enrollment and interfacing to various loyalty partners, smart routing of relevant transaction info to relevant participating loyalty partners. Flexible point collection and redemption capabilities.

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