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Summer Edition 2023 | Greece, Thessaloniki 



AI powered

World's First AI Powered Conference


World Banking Forum - Summer Edition 2023 is World's first conference created by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence, which allows to achieve maximum accuracy in Topics Relevance, Markets Analyses, Industry Trends and Vulnerabilities predictions, by analysing vast amounts of data collected and processed by the AI from various sources, such as Social Media Platforms, Search Engines, Media Articles, News, Press Releases, Regulators Websites, and more.

Such approach ensures that all most up-to-date, relevant, actual and hot topics are discussed at the Forum.

The unique Interactive Format of the conference allows every participant to come away with a clear plan and guidance to successfully address today's uncertainties and stay ahead of the competition.


Summer Edition 2023 | Greece, Thessaloniki 

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Summer Edition 2023

Trends, Markets & Regulation

  • Banking Around the World Today

  • Global Markets Overview

  • Current and Future Trends

  • Global Regulation

  • Upcoming Regulatory Initiatives

  • RegTech

  • Geo-Political Context and Impact on the Industry

  • Main Industry Challenges

  • The Next Natural Step for Banking Industry

Empowering Data

  • Using Data in a Responsible and Ethical Manner, While Protecting Customer Privacy and Security

  • Effective Data Management and Analysis Strategies

  • Risk management: Using Data to Identify and Assess Credit Risk, Market Risk, and Operational Risk

  • Best Practices in Analysing Customer Data to Comply with Regulations

  • Product Development Strategies Based on Customer Needs

  • Tailoring Existing Products by Analysing Customer Spending Patterns, Financial Goals, and Investment Preferences

  • Data in Market Analysis

  • Using Data in Improving Operational Efficiency and Optimising Workflows


  • Innovations in Lending

  • Digitalisation of lending processes

  • AI, ML and Automation

  • Use of Alternative Data in Lending

  • Contribution of the rising level of interest rates to loan demand

  • Trends in Borrower Behaviour


  • Payment Habits and Trends Around the World

  • Blockchain Payments

  • Security and Fraud Prevention in Payments

  • Digital Payments Innovation: what's new in Mobile, Contactless, Peer-to-peer, Real-Time Payments

  • Cross-Border Payments

Digital Transformation

  • Tech Trends: Today and Tomorrow

  • Technological Modernisation: the real journey

  • When to build & when to partner?

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Key enablers of Technological Innovation

  • Smart operations: AI & ML in Back-Office

  • Drivers and Risks of Digital Transformation

  • Innovation Mentality

  • Bridging the Gap Between Business & Technology

The New Risks and How to Handle Them

  • Open Ecosystems: the Risk Management Perspective

  • Cybersecurity and Financial Crime. How can Banks Win the Permanent Fight?

  • New Norm and Changed Fraudsters Behaviour

  • New Era Risk Management strategies

  • Joining Forces to Collectively Combat Fraud

  • Emerging Industry Threats

  • New Technologies in Risk Management

  • Best practices in Preventing Cyber Fraud

  • Risk Management of the Future

Banking on the Background

  • Why Embedded Finance is NOT Disrupting the Industry

  • Exploring New Partnerships and Collaborations to Stay Competitive in the Changing Landscape

  • New Open Banking Use Cases

  • Greater Emphasis on Security and Data Protection

  • Why Banks Should Not be Afraid of Loosing the Connection with Customers and What Opportunities They Should See Instead

  • What Clients See When Banking is On the Background?

  • At the Forefront of Customer Experience: Case Studies from Outside of Industry

Why to attend World Banking Forum?

21-22 September 2023 | Greece, Thessaloniki

  • Networking Opportunities: Unlock unparalleled formal and informal networking opportunities with industry leaders and your like-minded peers from around the world​

  • Learning and Development: World Banking Forum features keynote speeches, case studies, experts vs. AI discussions, debates, round tables and workshops, that cover hottest topics in banking and finance. Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, and develop new skills and knowledge

  • Access to Industry Leaders: Forum attracts top industry leaders and practitioners from different parts of our planet. Attending the event provides you with an opportunity to hear from and interact with these leaders, gaining insights into their strategies and perspectives on current issues facing the industry

  • Exposure to Innovation: World Banking Forum Summer Edition features case-study presentations on new technologies and innovations that are transforming the industry. Attending the event will help you stay ahead of the curve and identify new opportunities for your business

  • Global Perspective: By attending World Banking Forum you are going to get a diverse range of perspectives on the industry. Broaden your understanding of different markets and cultures, and identify potential opportunities for global expansion

  • Unique Interactive Format: World Banking Forum is well-known to be the most interactive financial conference, where all attendees are actively involved in debates, open discussions, round tables and countless other opportunities to participate in the event programme. Join us!

Interactive Forum Programme

Summer Edition 2023 | Greece, Thessaloniki

Agenda based on Case Studies
AI vs. Experts
Interactive Round Tables
World's Top Practitioners
A lot of
Informal Events
Conjoint City
Tour & more
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Explore some of the World’s best beaches in Chalkidiki, experience the best of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, marvel at the beauty of Mount Olympus, take a boat trip to Lemnos and other islands, visit Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum or take a day tour to
the oldest place on Earth - Meteora



Grand Hotel Palace Thessaloniki

305, Monastiriou str. 54628 Thessaloniki

t. +30 2310 549000

*Special Discounted Conference Rate is available for World Banking Forum attendees



26-27 January 2023 | Main Conference