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At World Banking Forum 2023 Winter Edition we explored how banks in different parts of the world are coping with the uncertain geo-political situation, evolving technology landscape, and what present-day strategies they implement to transform into digitally resilient future enterprises.

Top experts joined the Forum in Amsterdam on 26 & 27 January to get a head start of the year at this exclusive international gathering of progressive bankers.

Thanks to the dynamic Interactive Programme, delegates came away with a clear plan and guidance to successfully address today's uncertainties and stay ahead of the competition.

Join us in Summer 2023 in Greece!
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Winter Edition 2023 | 26-27 JanuaryAmsterdam Olof's Palace


Winter Edition 2023

Trends & Regulation

  • Industry outlook & current trends overview

  • Agility & regulatory compliance

  • Upcoming regulatory initiatives 

  • RegTech

  • Successfully managing regulatory changes to your advantage

  • Future trends

Fraud & Security

  • Disrupted normality - a key opportunity for fraudsters

  • New era Risk Management strategies

  • Fighting Fraud as a network

  • Emerging threats during and post Covid

  • Latest technologies in Risk Management

  • Best practices in Fraud prevention


  • The New Norm

  • From less-cash to cashless

  • The role of e-commerce

  • Future of card payments & what does a Payment Card of the future look like?

  • NextGen Payments

  • Cross-sectoral collaboration

  • BNPL

  • Wearables

  • Payment Ecosystems

  • Instant Payments

Blockchain & CBDC

  • Digital Euro

  • Real-life examples of Blockchain use in Banking 

  • The full potential of Blockchain Technology

  • Data protection

  • Blockchain & Cybersecurity 

  • CBDC

  • UX

  • Payments

  • Regulation


  • Super-apps

  • Creative Innovation

  • When to build & when to partner?

  • Digital currencies 

  • Smart operations: AI & ML in back-office 

  • Re-inventing the Normal

  • Predicting trends for 2023 

  • How to bring back the connection we've lost with our customers?

  • Data & Innovation Strategy 

  • Innovation culture as a must 

  • Emerging technologies

On The Way to Future Banking

  • Radically Modern Approach to Transform the Bank

  • BaaS vs BaaP

  • Embedded Finance

  • A fresh view on bank-fintech and bank-merchant collaboration

  • The keys to successful Open Banking 

User Experience

  • Future UX design trends

  • Upgrading Digital Channels and Customer Experience

  • Customisation & Personalisation

  • Case studies 

  • The importance of users feedback

  • Co-creating products together with your customers

  • UX and Open Banking

  • Whats it takes to win a modern customer?

  • Hype around decentralisation, the Web3 and what it means for Banking?

  • Self-service

  • Online & robo advisory 

  • Time to be proactive!

  • Reaching customers where they are

Interactive Forum Programme

Winter Edition 2023 | Olof's Palace Amsterdam

Case study
Speakers club workshop
A lot of
informal events
Interactive round tables
Conjoint city
tour & more


26-27 January 2023 | Main Conference

25 January 2023 | Speakers ClubWorkshop by TEDx Global Speakers Coach