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World Banking Forum

16-17 May 2024 | Lisbon, Portugal

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Welcome to World Banking Forum, a C-suite mastermind for global finance experts. 

WBF is an invitation-based C-level conference.

Event programme is case-studies based, where banking practitioners and world renown experts explore the latest trends, strategies, and challenges shaping the financial industry.

From digital transformation to regulatory compliance, from fintech disruption to sustainable finance, participants get unparalleled insights to help navigate the complexities of the modern banking landscape.

At WBF you discover cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and emerging opportunities that propel your organisation to new heights.

This event is designed to foster collaboration and innovation across borders.

Exchange ideas and learn from your peers, forge partnerships, and drive meaningful change in the world of finance.

Thank you for joining us in the vibrant city of Lisbon and being part of a transformative journey towards a more inclusive, resilient, and prosperous banking.



Spring Edition 2024 Key Topics Include:

Trends & Regulation

  • Current and Future Trends

  • GenAI Hype Cycle. What's next?

  • Upcoming Regulatory Initiatives

  • Geo-Political Context and Impact on the Industry

  • Main Industry Challenges

  • Compliance & Risk Management

Digital Transformation


  • Dealing with Digital Transformation as Emerging Tech Change the Pace of Innovation

  • How we Innovate Under Uncertainty

  • AI with a Human Heart

  • How We Remove Fear and Embrace AI (Gen) as Part of our Culture

  • Data-driven Innovation

  • Core Modernisation

  • Unique Way to Transform, Simplify and Digitalize Bank

  • How Can We Increase the Actual Outcome of Technology in Banking?

  • Building a Tech-First Neobank Based on a Core Value Using Technology for Better


  • Security and Fraud Prevention in Payments

  • Future of Money

  • Payments as a Data Source for the AI

  • Innovation of Payments 2030:
    How Will Payments Industry Evolve?

  • From Open Banking to Open Finance

  • Digital Euro and CBDC's

  • The Potential of EPI in the European Payments Landscape

  • PSD3 & PSR

  • Payment Habits and Trends Around the World

  • How AI Could Support Payments Solutions

  • EPI and the Digital Euro

Risk Management

  • Cybersecurity and Digital Risk

  • New Era Risk Management strategies

  • Strategic Risk Management

  • New Technologies in Risk Management

  • Model Risk Management in Banking

  • Future Risks: Next 5 Years

Customer Experience


  • A Truly Digital Transformation we Should Push for

  • Upgrading Digital Channels and Customer Experience

  • Analysing Current Challenges in Banking Customer Experience

  • Customisation & Personalisation

  • Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

  • Co-creating Products Together With Customers

  • Whats it Takes to Win a Modern Customer?

  • Self-service

  • Reaching Customers Where They are

  • Making CX and Trust Mutually Inclusive

Banking and The World

  • Banking Around the World Today

  • In Focus: Southern Europe - Challenges and Opportunities in the Banking Sector

  • In Focus: MENA Region - at the Forefront of Innovation

  • The Future of Banking

  • Overcoming AI Hype and Bringing it to Reality

  • Innovation and Digital Transformation Around the World: Brightest Cases

  • From SuperApps concept to Blockchain-Based Banking

  • International Experience Exchange session

  • Global Banking Trends and Outlook


Palacio Hotel Lisbon *****

Real Hotels Group

R. Tomás Ribeiro 115, 1050-228

Lisboa, Portugal

*Special Discounted Conference Rate is available for World Banking Forum attendees

Favorite Reasons why Global Leaders attend World Banking Forum

  • Networking
    Gamified networking programme with a line-up of Satellite Networking Events

  • Global Perspective
    Broaden your understanding of different markets and cultures, and identify potential opportunities for global expansion

  • Learning and Development
    Case studies-base Agenda. Experts vs. AI sessions. Debate. Round Tables. Workshops: all in main programme


  • Access to Industry Leaders
    Top industry voices, world-renown experts and practitioners from all around the globe

  • Exposure to Innovation
    Featured hands on case-study presentations on new technologies and Innovations that are transforming the industry

  • Unique Interactive Format
    Well-known to be the most interactive financial conference. All attendees are involved in debates, open panels, round tables and other engaging sessions

Interactive Forum Programme

Spring Edition 2024 | Lisbon, Portugal

Agenda based on Case Studies
AI vs. Experts
Interactive Round Tables
World's Top Practitioners
Informal Events
Conjoint City
Tour & more
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Explore the Westernmost Point of the continent, experience the best of Portuguese cuisine and wines, marvel at the beauty of The Berlengas, visit Lisbon Cathedral, legendary Tower of Belem, Jerónimos Monastery, or take a day tour to
Sintra - pioneer work of European romanticism

Busy Conference

Explore Case-Studies based Programme and
Satellite Networking Events Agenda of Spring Edition 2024

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